Ring 2,5 mm with small raw sapphire

Material: Fairtrade Gold 18 carats
Ring band width: 2,5 mm
Ring band hight: 1,8 mm
Texture inside: polished
Texture outside: tiny stripes

Stone: Raw Sapphire

Sizes stone: hight 9 mm width 5 mm depth 4 mm

We will maken your ring in your size. That is why we always use other stones. No stone will ever have the same size. That is why the size mentioned is an indication. We strife to use a stone that approaches the sizes mentioned.

This Ring is available in yellow or white gold.

The ring binder is 2.5 mm wide.

The sapphire is 8 mm long, 5 mm wide and about 4 mm high. Uncut rough.

Goud is 18 karaat.

1 159,00


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